Why Am I Sick?
I'm Vegetarian and I eat healthy food but why did this happen to me?

“Why do I keep getting sick?” Often in my practice, I get this question. “Doctor, I am a vegetarian from as far as I can remember, but why did I get this illness. I don’t have vices. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. Others, smoke, drink, and take drugs, but they seem healthy. 

But why me?

A Pretty Common Question

a common questionThis question I usually get from patients.

We very well know that Adam and Eve were created perfectly. The cells of their bodies function correctly. 

The kidneys and the liver perfectly eliminate the toxins from their bodies. They were entirely made in God’s image. 

When the Lord forbade them from eating the fruit and told them, “You shall surely die,” their bodies began to die the moment they ate.

You see, they have witnessed the withering of leaves and so as the decay of the cells in their bodies. 

They began to feel different. 

Suffering The Consequences Of Sin – Physically

The micro chemicals in the brain started to have their wayward effects. I’m quite sure anxiety set in. Imagine how anxious and ashamed they were from our Father.

Adam and Eve’s brains were ultra-functional that supercomputers of today could not match it. People before the flood don’t need books to be reminded. 

Their mind was designed for storage and could recall readily. But by being separated from our Father, some of the brain functions began to deteriorate.

The protector cells in their bodies began to function differently. The cell replication inside their reproductive organs is not perfectly regulated anymore. 

Nevertheless, they were still near perfect in their functions not like us today where we always find ourselves asking – why do I keep getting sick?

In the beginning, on the microscopic level, the genes were perfect. The DNA is copied to RNA, proofread by the RNA polymerases, and interpreted to be formed to a particular cell and organ. 

What Happened To Our Bodies After The Fall In Eden?

since the fall from edenSince the fall, the perfect function of such RNA polymerases began to fail to produce less than perfect genes. With the passing generation, less and less ideal genes were created, which are susceptible to diseases that are not possible before Sin. 

Imperfect traits began to appear on descendants. The perfectly created Adam’s height was around 14 feet, and that of Eve is 12 feet. But now, the global average height of people living in the 21st century according to the WHO for men is 5’7″, and that for women is 5’3″.

From Generation To Generation

We lived in an imperfect world. The genes passed on through generations are now far from the perfect state that our Father has created. Our present generation is reaping the sins that were made by our ancestors from the third and fourth generations back.

So, my friends, we may be vegetarian or not, with vices or none, we have inherited faulty genes that might make us susceptible to some diseases and is beyond our control.

So Why do I keep getting sick?

And for those who are vegetarians who have contracted the disease, you may have been more susceptible to more diseases had not been for your decision to be vegetarian. And for those who are not vegetarian, who isn’t sick, let’s not be complacent. We live in an imperfect world, and anything can happen. Not until the original state of our bodies are restored, then we must expect that something may happen,  whether you’re a  vegetarian or not

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This is good. Praise the Lord. You’re doing a good job guys. Keep it up


Thank you very much, Algier.

Maryjoy leganada

Very imformative from the doctors perpective together with biblical explaination because even we are not vegetarian but we are very careful of our food. Still sometimes we are more sickly than those who are Gluttonuos . God bless


Thank you so much, MaryJoy.

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