SEO Writing Workshop
Preparing Our Digital Evangelists for the Work Ahead

What is SEO Content Writing?

If you are not using the internet today and you own a business, you are most likely missing out on many prospects and leads. The same can be said if you have a church ministry and you are not using the internet; you are still missing a lot of prospects and potential souls to reach.

Digital Evangelism is the new normal for Church Ministry today, given the situation that we all are in. Even after this pandemic is over, we still believe that the internet will significantly impact spreading the gospel.

What Is SEO Content Writing WOrkshop?

If you have a website and do not know anything about SEO, you might also consider your website invisible. Like it or not, you are competing against the billions of other websites existing online.

Adventist Gensan knew the importance of SEO with regards to putting the ministry online, so they conducted a free SEO Content Writing Workshop last Sabbath – July 11, 2020, inside the church building itself.

The current Pandemic Situation and the General Community Quarantine prohibits anybody below 21 years old to leave their homes. Thus, leading to no Adventist Youth Program every Sabbath afternoon.

The Church and the trailblazers of the website program saw this as an opportunity to train people interested in spreading the gospel through digital evangelism.

Who Were The Participants Of The Said Workshop?

One would think that the youth should lead this online ministry, but that was not the case during this What Is SEO Content Writing Workshop.

Many of those who attended were adults and young professionals. Besides, teenagers weren’t allowed to leave their homes as long as the General Community Quarantine is still in place.

Dave Roldan Bayeta, the Church’s Communications Director, led the program together with Judge Chalmer Gevieso.

Around 43 participants took part in this event, including 3 Church Pastors who were more than happy to join the exercises during the event.

Pastor Wilson Catolico won the afternoon’s workshop mini-competition when the participants were asked to create the most engaging headline from a given keyword after being taught how to do it.

The participants where given custom made face masks as prizes for their participation, and obviously, the winner got the most number of face masks as his prize.

What Were The Contents of The Said Workshop?

The participants were shown how the Seventh-day Adventist Church needs to be visible online, but first, they need to understand that they were barely visible on the internet. Hence this What Is SEO Content Writing Workshop was initiated to address such need to be visible.

Missing Their Target Audience

The participants were taught what keywords and keyword research were about. Then they were shown how these things work and why our Church isn’t doing well on different search engines such us google when it comes to keywords.

As these things were presented, it was clear that the Church wasn’t just invisible online, but we are also missing our target audience.

Content VS SEO Content Writing

The participants were taught that there is a stark difference between writing content and writing for SEO friendly content online. The latter can rank you on search engines while the former was blind guessing.

Participants of the workshop were taught to understand the fundamentals of a keyword targeted content asset by making the following general rules:

  • Researching First Even Before Writing
  • Learning about the main keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Showing Them The Types of Content 
  • How To Create Title Tags and Make Them Engaging
  • Understand What Meta Descriptions Are
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization As A Whole

The workshop lasted for 2 hours, but it extends for an hour more since the participants were enjoying and were asking for more activities relating to the topics discussed.

The What Is SEO Content Writing Workshop ended with a little activity that had one of our church pastors winning.

Will There Be More Workshops Like This?

Good news! The said workshop was only the beginning of a series of others that we are preparing. It was barely scratching the surface and more likely the tip of the iceberg.

To add to that, Pastor Joel Bagunoc (the Church Pastor of Adventist Gensan) was more than happy to announce that every 4th Sabbath of the month will be given to this type of activity.

We will be asking other resource speakers to help us build this project.

Who Are Allowed To Join This Online Ministry?

Everyone and Anyone!

The task at hand is enormous, and we need more volunteers to help us run this ministry online smoothly.

There are areas we are still building after this, and we are offering people free training. These trainings are costly if you plan on joining Digital Marketing Seminars, but we are giving it for free for all our volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers for the following areas:

  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • SEO Copywriting (Content Writers)
  • Youtube Channel Managers
  • Graphics and Design
  • Researchers

And more…

As the Bible says “The Harvest Is Plentiful But The Workers Are Few” Matthew 9:37

We need more participants and volunteers. Do let us know if you are interested.

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