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Parents as Frontliners: Positive parenting tips during this pandemic

The world today is at war with an unseen enemy- coronavirus disease. It had positioned itself in every corner of the earth—no discrimination between race, religion, economic status, and political power.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought leaders around the world to the drawing table to develop strategies and recalibrate policies to combat the epidemic and reduce its spread.

Postive Parenting: Learning About The Two Weapons

There are only two weapons that we can use against the virus: a medical cure/vaccine and self- discipline. Scientists at top universities around the world collaborated with the pharmaceutical industry to hasten the development of a cure/vaccine.

While the scientific community develops a cure/vaccine, self-discipline is for everyone to do. Governments had flooded its citizens with a barrage of information and precautions. Still, a significant amount of self-discipline is expected from every individual to reduce/eliminate the spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, the increased number of cases had been caused by mass stubbornness of the citizenry that even proper wearing of masks was not followed. This is why governments had become harsher and stricter even to the extent of employing police and soldiers to reprimand an individual.

The constant threat of the virus, the uncertainty of the availability of the cure/vaccine, and the lack of discipline by many can lead to increased casualties if not remedied soonest.

This is where positive parenting must come in. As the authority on the basic unit of the society: the family, every parent has a unique role to fulfil in winning the war against Covid-19. This article will equip every parent to safeguard the family and the society in general in the war against Covid-19.

Family Health and Hygiene

The importance of hand washing

Let it be known that it was God Himself who instructed the Israelites the proper body hygiene practice way back 4000 years ago to the Israelites (Lev 15:13).

It was scientifically proven that proper hand washing is very crucial in the prevention of microbial entry into the body.

Positive Parenting is to properly educate children the proper method of hand washing at home so that children will make it a habit even if they are outside.

Point out children’s practice on sanitation and hygiene

The practice of proper hygiene and sanitation was already in place back in the days of Moses long before modern science discovered microorganisms. The whole chapter of Lev.13 narrates how Israelites sanitize the surroundings to prevent the spread of disease.

Positive Parenting safeguards not only the physical body of the family but the cleanliness and sanitation of the entire home. They must set guidelines at home to ensure adequate sanitation and hygiene. Every malpractice in simple segregation of waste, cleaning of rooms, daily bathe, sweeping of floors/backyard, etc., must be correct and thoroughly explained so that children will understand better thus, protection from germs is further guaranteed.

Educate them about germs

When God sent manna for the Israelites in the wilderness to eat, He appointed a specific time when they will fetch it. Those who are stubborn were left nothing but worms (Exo. 16:20). Even if the food was from heaven, God allowed germs to decompose it to teach stubborn Israelites a lesson.

The negative effect of germs on the body must be carefully educated to children so that parents will not have a hard time letting them follow and understand health protocol. The habitat, food, and growth of germs must be thoroughly researched and then explained to prevent disease in the family.

Let them understand the need to stay at home.

The need to stay at home can be traced back as to how the Israelites treat the spread of deadly leprosy (Lev. 13:46) so that the entire household cannot be contaminated.

The Lord designed that every home is a peaceful, stable, and quiet resting place (Isa. 32:18). Parents, as stewards of Christ, must make an atmosphere where children are at peace and secure.

Fortify the body with good nutrition.

The best example we can find in the Bible as to how proper diet and nutrition affects our health was the story of Daniel’s captivity in Babylon (Dan. Ch.1). He and his three friends excelled in every aspect of health than their Babylonian counterparts by eating the proper and right amount of food.

As the Bible story implies, nutritious food is equal to a healthy body. Parents must ensure that the entire family is eating a well-balanced diet to fortify the body. The food prepared for mealtime is very crucial as it also acts as the family’s weapon against this pandemic.

Family Leisure and Bonding

The extended lockdown has given a golden opportunity for families to rekindle bonding times. Children will now have more time each day with their parents. However, this also poses a challenge as children tend to go outside for playmates when boredom strikes. They might become rebellious and nagger if not allowed and if allowed, will expose them to the virus.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Positive Parenting knows that humor and laughter are essential elements as we wade through the difficulties brought by this pandemic. No wonder the Bible says a merry heart is like a medicine (Prov. 17:22)

Laughter drains all the negative emotions and unnecessary thoughts, thus making us feel light and worry-free. A family where the joy of the Lord is their delight (Nehemiah.8:10) guarantees a happy and stress-free home.

Wholesome leisure

Finding leisure while staying at home poses a significant challenge for every family since it only offers minimal activities contrary to the old normal where they can go outdoor activities.

However, it also paves the way for exploring other playful activities, even reviving old school methods. Painting, reading books, studying together, and gardening is some of the activities the family can enjoy. The internet offers much entertainment, like movie streaming, social media, and vlogging/blogging are also on the trend.

However, parents should be watchful of these things as the internet also is a pandora box that might penetrate and corrupt the young minds. (Matt 7:15)

Keeping in touch with others

Interaction and constant communication are critical components for maintaining close relationships within the family. Thanks to modern technology, we can easily connect with our distant family and friends at a distance between our fingertips and mobile devices.

A variety of online applications or apps are available to connect with family members. Parents can optimize social media to communicate with relatives from great distances.

Also, through the internet, the family can participate in an online worship service every Sabbath and watch sermons at any time.

Managing Family Economy

The pandemic had crippled many businesses since consumers were enforced to stay at home by the government to contain the spread of the virus. The economy much suffered as a result that even the first world and highly developed countries plunged steeply.

Managing the income of the family is crucial to surviving in this pandemic.

Curb the cravings

As little children nag their parents for a cookie at the grocery store, adults crave for what they want. Though this does not imply outright evil, this is a red flag since it would lead to indulgence (Eze. 7:19).

The boredom triggers the idle mind to crave for something that will entertain the stomach, the mind, and the eyes: food, entertainment, clothing, etc. (1 John 2:16 )

Parents must be blunt against these unnecessary cravings. They must teach children that unsupervised desire is a selfish act to acquire something they want (Prov.18:1)

Teach them how to budget

Budgeting is the foundation of a successful financial plan. The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty Prov. 21:5.

Parents must teach children how to budget and allocate resources. Most especially in this thriving lifestyle brought by the pandemic, parents must inform every member of the household how money was spent on the survival of the family.

Make fair use of the barter system.

The pandemic made us realize that only food, water, and medicine are the essentials that a man must have to survive. Outside of those were beyond human needs. The pandemic made us filter our possessions to which is only essential for survival.

A right way of disposing items is to trade them off with a thing more beneficial in a mutually agreed setting. Parents can make use of the barter system to reduce the outflow of cash while making fair use of non-essential items.

Keeping Christ-oriented Family values

The extended lockdown and stay-at-home times had given every family a unique opportunity to assess children’s attitude from what they had acquired from the society way back to the old normal.

Parents as Emotion coach (Prov 1:5)

Good parents are those that do emotion coaching to children. If the previous normal had prevented this may be due to busy schedule, really a dismissing-type, or laissez-faire type, then this time is a beautiful opportunity to recalibrate parenthood style.

So that when children brace for new normal, children are now better to equip to face challenges as they have parents who are good emotion coaches.

Even as Christ guides every emotion coach parent (Phil. 4:8)

Apply Golden rule

Parents are expected to be role models for children all the time. As stewards of Christ creation, parents bear the responsibility of guiding children (Deut.11:19). Thus whatever attitude the child has, is accounted to the parents who had reared them.

As Jesus said in Matt. 7:12, we must treat others the way we want to be treated. As Christian parents, any lousy attitude of the child must be reciprocated with the right attitude. Childishness, nagging, and even punitive offences must be dealt maturely in a proper discipline (Eph. 6:

Keep the faith in Christ.

Parents must let children understand that the Savior of humanity is and will always be Jesus Christ. The good news is that Jesus requires only one thing- faith in Him. Hebrew chapter 11 narrates how the faith heroes did the impossible things because only of Faith in Him. Interestingly, our salvation relies also on our Faith to God.


As governments are steadfast in protecting its citizens against Covid-19, parents must rise to the challenge even more where the family’s health is at stake more than ever. Parents must treat themselves as front-liners as they are tasked to secure the basic unit of society.

Do you agree that the parenting tips mentioned can help the fight against Covid-19 pandemic?

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