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best christian books of the year
Teach Your Sons or Daughters To See The Right Path Even If They Make Mistakes In Life
The reality is, you can’t guard your children all the time. They will have to make life decisions on their own. Especially, in their teenage to early adult stages when guidance is needed the most.

Counsels to a rebellious son or an Indulged Daughter

Guidance on how your children can lead a life that benefits the community.

Learn how to build a noble character in the midst of an indulging society.

Social Relations, Courtship and Marriage, and all the things that the youth needs to know in life.

Messages To The Young People Front
practical principles of management
This amazing piece of literature covers practical topics such as tithing, getting into and out of debt, giving to charity, wise and unwise investments, and more.
Counsels On Stewardship Front
Learn how to manage whatever you have, however small or big and grow from it. Understand how keeping promises and transactions are as important as your name’s credibility. Avoid the pitfalls of debt and learn how to live within your income and properly increase with God’s guidance.
Modern Lifestyles, Modern Diseases
Simple and Natural Remedies
Times may have changed the way we live but not how the systems of our body behave.

Restore the body to optimal health deals with the basic – cheerfulness, fresh air, exercise, diet and positive relationships with other people, among many other things.

Yet, as simple as these may sound, very few people gain benefits for lack of motivation and knowledge.

We all ignore our body until it’s painful enough to be ignored. Almost everyone are guilty of doing it. So, this book offers the following benefits.

  • Incredibly Powerful Health Principles
  • Caring For Your Home and The Sick
  • Avoiding the Dangers of Speculative Knowledge
  • Help In Daily Living
Last Days Events Front
Looking At The Future Minus The Crazy Speculations

Letting the bible tell you the narrative of what’s to come in the future is far better than listening modern conspiracy stories.

Learn fascinating historical and biblical truths to help you understand and grasp what is coming in the future.

How to watch and pray and not fall to deadly spiritual sleep.

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